How to get armadillos out from under a shed or porch

Some people think that armadillos are great, well, only some thinks they are. Why? For one, they can cause severe issues at our home, farms, and yards. We will at times not be pleased with the small creatures that are like digging machines. Armadillos are very exceptional animals, but they can also be a major pest in the suburbs and agricultural lands.

Keeping armadillos out
Before we go through on getting armadillos out, we need to know how to not let them in. Of course, we would not be having issues if they were not inside in the first place.

• The best solution is a ‘stout fence’; while I would agree that this may be a little lavish, it is a good barricade for them to not reach the premises.
• You can also try an ultrasonic pest deterrent device; there are a few models that really can keep thesewildlife away from our premises.

Removing an armadillo
• These wildlife are not a fan of tough odors.
• A way to have them move out is by dropping mothballs down the holes they live at. Trying this cheap technique would not do us any harm so it might be a goodeffort.

Armadillos living under a shed or porch
We will be seeing these wildlife most probably under our shed and porch, the best way to get rid of it is by trapping it.

• We can buy numerous live traps on our local market.
• Once we were able to find our ideal live trap, we can then try baiting it with a fruit or an earthworm.
• Establish the traps at edges, and ensure that they are put in the right place by having them near an area with cover.

Caught armadillos
Take it a few miles away before releasing it back into the wild. Now that we have successfully caught the digging machine, we have a few steps to prevent them from getting in again:

• Make sure that your fences are now tucked well on the ground; to not allow from having other armadillos get in again.
• Try to use steel wires fence, this will surely help them by not letting them in at all.
• Do not keep any pet food outdoors

Let us keep in mind that armadillos are very tough and resilient, they best way to keep them out is by preventing them to not get in, in the first instance.

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