What attracts raccoons?

Raccoons are very intelligent and thrifty rodents. They have got an extraordinary sense of smell and taste. Moreover their vision is also developed extraordinarily. Usually the raccoons are regarded as pests when they intrude in the houses and they build nests in the attic and roof of the house. They get inside the houses and premises of urban settings when they are attracted by what they want. Basically all that is required by raccoons is water, shelter and food source on which the raccoons can depend. Therefore if you want to avoid raccoons, you have to remove these sources from your premises. On the other hand there are many people who like to keep these loving and innocent but intelligent creatures in their garden and yards. This is because the raccoons will visit again and again on the places where they find suitable food and shelter for themselves. Therefore if you want to attract raccoons you have to introduce certain things in your garden and yard. But at the same time you will also have to make sure that the raccoons may not get inside the house because there is a chance that they can spread infestation and dangerous germs by means of their droppings and urine. Moreover they can also breed and give birth to young ones inside thereby spreading more infestation.

Availability of food sources

Raccoons are omnivores and they depend on a variety of food. They can eat both the plant as well as animal based food. Therefore if you want to avoid the raccoons, you have to reduce the amount of food present in open in the yard or garden so that the raccoons may not visit there again and again. The most important thing is to properly cover the garbage cans because these can act as a feast for raccoons and it will also make them visit again and again.

Apply repellents

Usually, the raccoons visit more in the domestic buildings which are near the woodlands. Therefore these people living near the woods need to apply repellents in order to avoid the raccoons. They can spray the eviction fluid which is very effective in repelling the raccoons and helps in keeping them away from your property. Moreover the raccoons find their ways into the houses through the attic and chimneys. Therefore such passageways should be blocked properly to avoid entrance by raccoons.

What attracts raccoons?

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