How Do I Know If There Are Baby Squirrels in The Attic?

Squirrels are among the wild animals that love to inhabit the attic. When they make home in your attic you will find it difficult to get rid of them unless you have a profession wildlife envision idea. The problem is always compounded if squirrels have their babies in your attic which will require more effective measures to get them out. So, if you have squirrel infestation in your attic one of the thing you need to confirm before deciding on the best method to get rid of them is whether they have next of babies or not. So bellow are the signs that will indicate to you that squirrels have next of babies in your attic.

Through Visual Sighting
If squirrel in your attic has babies you can notice that through visual sighting of the babies. You can easily do this by climbing to the attic to find out whether the squirrels making vocal noise in your attic have nest of babies or not. The mother will not be able to carry the babies along while foraging but will always visit the nest from time to time to breastfeed them.

Making Vocal Sound
Though squirrels are known for their high social life and effective communication skill, they normally make sounder when they are with babies than when they are not. So, if you frequently hear vocal sound made by squirrel in your attic, you should know that your attic is already house mother and baby squirrels.

Nipples on the Females
Just like every other breastfeeding animals, you can notice nursing mother squirrel through the shape and size of the nipple. You can notice this even from a far while the squirrel is passing across you or when it is climbing up to the attic. The nipples will be obviously noticed that they are being sucked when you find a nursing squiring. That is a clear indication that you have not only adult squirrels in your attic but also their babies.

Constantly Making Scratching Sound
The truth is that all rodents scratch and constantly chew things around them in order to sharpen their teeth. The squirrel is not an exception in this but the scratching sound normally increases when it has babies in the nest. So, when you start hearing constant scratching sound coming from your attic you should notice that the squirrels there already have a nest of babies.

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