What Should I Do With A Bat After I Catch It In My House?

Do you find bat flying all around your sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and others? Are you thinking of the best to deal with such bat so as to avoid further occurrence in the further? What you should know is that it is normal for bat to get into your house unintentionally maybe while playing and chasing each other around and others. So, when you find a bat in your house, you should not panic as the bat will not attack you without a cause. If you have already succeeded in catching the bat you have already completed the first step of the work.

Make Sure You Wear Leather Glove When You to Touch the Bat
Congratulation if you have already trapped bat that accidentally fly into your room. The next thing will be the best way to get rid of it without breaking the law. But, before you go ahead to do anything to bat, you must protect yourself effectively to avoid receiving bat bite which can result to serious infection. So, wear a leather glove when you want to touch bat and help it to move away from whatsoever you used to catch it.

Take It Some Distance and Allow It to Fly Away
Though taking bat some distance will not make it not to return back it is already inhabiting your house or discover something attractive to it there yet, if you are dealing with only one bat that accidentally get into your house relocating it can solve the problem. Simply take it near tree where there are no houses and allow it to fly away peacefully without harm.

Hand It Over To Government to Check for Rabies
Bat just like every other mammal can be affected with rabies which can make it to misbehave by flying into your house and others. So, the best thing you need to do is to take the bat to the Government for rabies check on the bat.

Never Kill Bat As It Is Against the Law in Most Countries
You should know that bats are protected by law meaning you are not allowed to kill or even harm them for any reason. For that reason when you succeed in catching bat in your house, what you should do is to take a peaceful and humane approach to let it fly away to wild without being hurt.

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