Is Bat Feces Dangerous To Touch or Breathe?

Bat is one of the wild animals known to be associated with few diseases unlike other mammals. The diseases are mostly found in the droppings which made it really unacceptable to touch or breathe the droppings. The nutrient reach bat droppings can be highly favorable for fungus growth which made it important for you to try as much as possible to stay away from touching or breathing bat feces. Most of the fungus found in bat feces are airborne and can easily be transmitted to human through breathing the air that come out of the feces.

What You Must Know About Histoplasmosis and Bat Feces
Rabies is the disease which almost everyone knows about mammals like bats and others but not everyone knows about the possible disease one can be contacted from touching or breathing bat feces. The disease found in bat feces which can easily affect human is Histoplasmosis and it is really dangerous in most cases. This is an infectious disease that can be transmitted to human be inhaling spores of histoplasmosis fungus popularly found in bat feces.

How to Know If You Have Histoplasmosis Disease
If you have worked as chimney cleaner or construction work in the areas loaded with bat droppings you can be at highest risk of contracting histoplasmosis disease. The disease normally affects the lungs and you may not have many symptoms within the few days after you contacted it. Some of the possible symptoms associated with histoplasmosis diseases include: Fever, loss of appetite, chest pain, headache, dry cough, muscle and joint pain, impaired vision and lots more.

How Histoplasmosis Disease Is Diagnose
Early diagnosis of histoplasmosis disease is always better as that can help to reduce the risk associated with the disease. So, if you suspect that you have this disease after working in areas with bat feces you should contact your doctor right away. Your doctor will perform blood test to ascertain whether you have this fungus in your blood or not. The test can easily be carried out with tissue samples for more accurate result.

How to Avoid Getting Histoplasmosis Disease from Bat Feces
For you to avoid getting histoplasmosis disease when you clean the chimney or work on any other areas with bat feces, you should avoid breathing the dust that comes out of the feces. Cover your nose with nose mask and spray water on the surface with bat feces so as to reduce the dust that will come up when you stir that area.

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