How to get rid of bats in the attic

While bats are peaceful animals to co-exist with, they may pose more risk to you than you are away of. Therefore if they have made a home in your attic, it is best to quickly remove them.

Why remove bats from the attic?

  • The risk of rabies is not something to take lightly. While a small percentage of them actually carry rabies, you have no ability to know which bat is sick and which one is not. Continuing to allow them live in your attic is both dangerous and not well thought through.
  • Guano- bat droppings can cause real havoc in your house. Because of their capacity to consume a lot, they have a lot of droppings. This may completely destroy and devalue your home.
  • Bats live in the same place for a long time. The moment you allow them to continue living in your space, then you have permanent residents in your home. Probably until your home is completely destroyed and finished.
How to remove them

If there are babies in the attic, you may have a harder time removing them. You may need to call a bat removal expert for their services. However if there are no babies, removal is easier. Follow these simple steps to remove bats from your attic.
  • Ensure you have located all entrances the bats use into the attic and seal all except the largest one you can locate into the attic. Since they can get in through very small gaps (up to ½ an inch), it’s imperative that you block any gap you see.
  • Use an excluding door: it could be any type of exclusion door; netting, funnel or screen. This is largely determined by their point of entry and the architecture of your house.
How do you know they are all gone?

Bats start leaving at dusk for foraging. Once they try to come back, the exclusion door will prevent them from getting back into the attic. Several tries will discourage them and they will look for new quarters to board. Over the next few days observe them leaving the attic to ensure that not one is left in the attic. Once they have all left the attic, seal the main entrance (where you had placed the exclusion door) permanently and clean up your attic.

Clean up after them

Remember to wear protective gear like gloves and masks over your face as you clean.

How to get rid of bats in the attic

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