Do More Bats Live In Urban Areas, Or In Wild Areas?

With the increase in bat infestation in most homes within UK and US most people have been forced to be asking about the particular place bats prefer to live. But, the truth is that bats live in different areas both in the wild and urban areas. The continuous deforestations in most parts of the world have made most wild animals to prefer taking their refuge within human inhabitation in the urban areas. The case of bats is not any different as most bats are now relocated from the wild to the urban area where they can find a manmade structure to dwell in since man has damaged their natural dwelling place in the wild. That is the reason why there is increase in cases of bat infestation in most parts of the UK and US.

What You Must Know about Bat Habitats
The truth is that bats are needful to human but often times they are misunderstood which normally result to their extermination and killing in most areas. They are not all harmful to human and they are not even dangerous. Also, one thing everyone needs to know is that bats are not dirty like other mammals and they are not blind at all. The ability of bats to consume about thousand nigh-flying insects like mosquitoes in one hour is among the things that made them highly beneficial to human. For this benefits, the often love to live close to human being instead of residing in the wild where they naturally belong.

Where Bats Live While In the Wild
Bats living in the wild normally make their home inside a cave where they will be safe and well protected from their predators. They can live up to 30 years in age while living in the wild. Another thing about bats living in the wild is that they normally make their roost within the proximity of good foraging habitat such as water, pastures as well as in the woodland.

The Places You Can Easily Find Bats in the Urban Areas
Constant land use which resulted to serious deforestation in most countries have made bats to move from the wild to urban areas to live in the house with human. More so, another reason why bats are more this day in the urban living in the ceiling and attic is to run away from predators in the wild.

The Conclusion
The season of the year normally result to change of roosting condition for bats. Most of them normally move to manmade structures during the winter when they want to hibernate in a safe place and move back to the wild after hibernation period.

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