What do bats chew through?

If you look at bats little mouth, you will discover just how small its teeth are. But having small teeth does not mean an animal cannot chew through things. Right? Well if you have bats in your area and are wondering if they will come and chew off your attic boards and insulation, relax, they will not.

Why won’t they chew?
Bats teeth are strong enough to chew insects like beetles. But to chew cardboard and insulation is another thing and they will not do it because;

• When most small animals chew through things it’s to gain entry into buildings, bats can squeeze through very small spaces of up to 3/8 ofaninch without the need of biting things off.
• They are generally shy creatures, and the sign of what may turn out to be a struggle to do something discourages them from continuing with a quests. If your attic is completely sealed, they will move on to look for more welcoming place.
• Some bats favor insects and others fruits, their diet does not consist of anything else. Therefore, be easy, bats wont eat your ceilings.

So what is causing the holes if not the bats?
Well if you have noticed holes in your attic, your visitors may be of another species.

You need to look out for:

• Squirrels
• Rats
• Other burrowing rodents within your area?

If they do not chew into anything, why are the wires and insulation falling off?
Well for a person who has entertained bats in their attics or basements (they like dark places), you may notice your building beginning to fall apart. The reason may be;

• Guano. The mixer of guano (bat droppings) and urine can cause corrosion of wiring and insulation in your home.
• When this is happening the value of your house is dropping. Get rid of them ASAP.

Any other advice?
Yes. Stop worrying about the bats biting into your stuff. Worry about them causing other types of damage.

• While may are rabies free (only one percent is a carrier) you may need to worry about other infections like salmonella, Hendra, Marburg, even Ebola are not diseases you want to catch. They are not a common called, and have very high rates of mortality.
• Guano will destroy your home and devalue it greatly. If you feel hospitable, make a habit of cleaning your attic floors often.

You cannot really tame bats, especially when they are in colonies. So just get rid of them!

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