Do bats chew on wires?

The simple answer to this question is no they do not. However yes, you may find wires that may seem as if they have been chewed on or gnawed on in there vicinity.

Why do we argue that bats do not chew into wiring?
• Their teeth are too small to actually cause any damage even if they tried to chew.
• Because, they will fit into very small spaces, even those less than inch wide, bats unlike other small animals that seek to get into your attic and other areas will no need to chew into anything.
• They favor eating insects (especially the ones that live in our attics) and will be selective about what they eat. Plastic and metal will not be on their menu.

So why are their exposed wires in their vicinity?
Bats droppings called guano may be your problem.

• Because bats generally live in colonies their guano is not just a pellet or two. The droppings can be so much and start causing structural damage to your house.
• The mixer of guano and urine over time will start corroding the wiring in your home. The culprit though is not the bats in your house.

The danger involved with exposed wires though, is not something we need to overemphasize on since we are talking live electricity.

What can I do?
You have a number of choices.

• If you feely chummy with the bats and do not mind them living in your house and the pungent smell that comes from the guano, you can choose to be laying polythene covering on your attic floor and make a habit of regularly disposing the guano.
• If you are afraid and worried about them, you can decide to remove them. This can be done by exclusion. This is done by the help of one way exclusion doors that provide enough space for them to leave, but no option of coming back.

Is there danger in handling them on my own?
Generally only one percent of bats have rabies, but because you do not know if the ones in your home are carriers:

• If you must handle them, use protecting clothing. Including gloves and masks when handling guano.
• Consider the services of professionals who will remove them for you.
• Should you be bitten, it is best to see a doctor for an anti-rabies shot. Do not ignore bites. Anything is possible.

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