How do bats communicate?

Wouldn’t we all like to listen in on a conversation between bats? Probably we would be warned if they are intending on making our homes their next liar. Well, unfortunately for us, we cannot hear them ‘speak’.

Why can’t humans hear these sounds?
• They use high-pitched sounds, which are sometimes beyond the hearing capacity of the human ears but audible among themselves.
• They will also use echolocation to communicate and navigate.

What is echolocation?
Generally speaking, echolocation is the ability of an animal to hear high frequency sound echoes that bounce off objects around them. Bats will make a high pitched sound and listen for the echo. By use of their mouths or noses, bats will create a sound wave that echoes on objects around are sent back to the bat acting as signals and information.

How does this help bats?
A bat will get details of;

• The type, texture and size of object.
• It warns the bats of predators lurking in the shadows.
• It directs them to food sources.
• It will give a distance estimate between the bat and the object or animal in question.
• Because they are very high-pitched sounds, humans do not hear these sounds.

What is the science between our hearing and bats hearing?
• Because they are very high-pitched sounds, humans do not hear these sounds. The humanear does not have the capacity to decipher or even detect these sounds.
• Even if humans could hear, interpreting the high and low frequencies would be a difficult thing to do.
• The human ear can hear only up to a limit of 20kilohertz in sound frequency, while bats hear up to 110 kilohertz. This essentially makes them very sensitive to sound.

Clearly the bats have extremely good hearing ability. A hearing battle is not one we would take to bats.

Then it’s true we cannot understand them?
The answer is yes and no.

• Sometimes they will make low frequency sounds that the human ear can hear.
• The high frequency sounds is what we cannot hear. However, by use of a bat detector machine, the sounds can be converted into low frequency sounds that humans can hear.

By converting the high frequency pitches into sounds, you will probably hear what may sound like whistling, cackling, popping and bleeping sounds.

This may be fun listening to, but well, your question as to if they are moving into your living quarters remains.

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