What Is a Bat’s Mating Habit?

Bats usually live in large colonies which made it easy for them to always find each other when they want to mate. But in most cases male and female bats do not stay today in one colony unless they want to mate. So, during the mating season, male and female bats will start searching for each other in order to mate before the season will be over. After mating the pregnant female bats will come together to form large maternity colony which can accommodate more than hundred bats in one colony. Another thing worthy of note about bat mating habit is that the female do not get pregnant immediately the mate with the male as they normally store the sperm in their reproductive tract until they are out of hibernation before they will be fertilized.

Facts about Bat Breeding Season
Bat breeding season is said to start by spring which is the time when the female come out of hibernation and the environment is favorable for it. Also the spring is the time when the temperature of the environment will be warmer and more conducive for the female to get enough food it needs to nurture the pregnancy. Food supply is always more for bat during the spring that is why they choose to be pregnant that time. Bats can have up to 1 to 3 liters within the time of the breeding season but it can only born one at a time.

Difficulty Mother Bat Face to Care for the Young
After mating the male bats normally go their way leaving females to fair for themselves and the pregnancy. For that reason, the pregnant female bats normally find it difficult to hustle for food to maintain its pregnancy till birth.

The Dependency of Young Bat after Birth
Though mother bats normally take care of the young after birth yet they do not do that for a longer time. Depending on bat specie, some normally allow the young ones to become independent on their own within six months and some even less or more. But while the young are born they will start drinking milk from their mother until their wings are strong enough for them to fly around and become independent on their own.

Some Manipulation in Bat Mating Habit You Need to Know
Female births are known to be highly intelligent when it comes to manipulating fertilization period. The mating process normally takes place in the fall but the female will not allow the egg to be fertilized until the spring when the weather will be favorable for it to carry the pregnancy.

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