What Is Bats Natural Diet?

Have you ever wondered what bats eat while in the wild? You are not to wonder anymore as about 70% bat species are known to be insectivorous as they consume insects for their meal. The ability of bats to live mainly on insects made them share large part in putting pest under control. In that regard, bats are known to be beneficial to human as they help to remove the pest mostly night-flying insects that can make human uncomfortable. If you have serious bat infestation in your home, it will be difficult for any night-flying insects like mosquitoes and others to come near your home.

Fruit Eating Bats normally live on Fruits
While most bat species are known to be insectivorous, there are some that rather live on fruits instead of insects like others. The fruit-eating bats are known to constitute nuisance in the garden and farms when they gain access there by eating up fruits like Apples, berries and other fruits. If you have such bat species in your surrounding the fruits in your garden will really suffer serious destruction.

Nectar-Eating Bats Live On Flower Nectars
Apart from the insectivorous and fruit-eating bats there are also some bat species that live mainly on plant fluid known as nectar. Such bat species normally forage near places with flowering plants that can bring out nectar for them to feed on. But, one thing about the nectar-eating bats is that they do not really cause havoc to the plants while taking the nectars as the nectars are not really needed by plants if not just to attract birds and insects helpful for pollination to come around and pollinate the flower.

Carnivorous Bats Live On Other Smaller Mammals
The carnivorous bats are known to eat mainly flesh of other smaller animals instead of on fruits, nectars or even on insects like other species. Some of the animals that serve as prey to carnivorous bats include: frogs, lizard, birds and other small mammals.

Fishing Eating Bats Live On Fishes
The fish-eating bats are known to be living mainly on fishes which made them to always roost near water. They fly around water during the foraging time searching for fishes that will come out of water for them to feed on them. There is also blood sucking vampire bats known to be living on blood and they are mainly found in the South America.

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