How to Keep Bats Out Of a Barn

If your barn is filled with bats you may be worried how you can keep them away to avoid causing serious damages to you. But you must ensure you do not disturb bats from May to September as that is mainly their breeding season. During this season they mother baths normally hustle for food at night to return to the young known as pup. Since the young has not gotten wings strong enough to fly it always remain in the barn waiting for their mother to return. So, if you ever try to remove bat during this season you may end up trapping the young bats right inside the barn which can cause serious disaster to you.

Examine the Barn to Know the Entry Point for the Bath
Since you have confirmed that baths are in your barn and it is not the breeding season, then you have to go ahead and confirm the access point. You can easily do this by taking some time to watch bats at dusk to discover the possible means through which they are getting into your barns. It can take you several nights for you to get this correctly. But, you should know that bats are tiny mammals and can easily fit in through a hole as tiny as ½ inch.

Make Use of One-Way Exclusion Method to Get Bat Out Of Barn
One-way exclusion method is one of the approved bat removal methods in most states within the United States. So, you have to fix the one-way exclusion method on the holes through which they are getting into your property. If the hole is rounded in shape you can easily attach PVC pipe and allow the pipe to almost flush with the interior and elongate some inches outside. That can help you to exude them from your barns.

Never Allow Baths Return To the Barns
In order to ensure that bats do not return back to your barn to cause trouble, you have to allow the one-way exclusion device to remain in place for some days. Then, after allowing the bats there for some days and ensure they are all out seal up the space permanent so as to avoid them getting in when you remove the exclusion material.

Create Alternative Roosting For Bath
The truth is that trying to bat proof your entire space so as to avoid them getting into the barns might not be feasible. So, another option is to provide them with alternative roosting place near the bars. You can do this by getting bat box and mounting it some distance outside your barn.

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