What is the best bait to trap an Armadillo?

I imagine if you want to trap some animal, there must be a bait to lure the animal into the trap. The animal in our context is the armadillo. So which baits work efficiently in leading the naughty animal right into its trap?

Rooting Cabbages
All you have to do is get some decomposing cabbages and relax! Your menace will just walk right into the trap and mission accomplished.

Rooting Bananas.
I have to say that this animal has a thing for rotten stuff. Again, just by using rooting bananas and there, you have the assurance of trapping the annoying little creature.

Rotten meat
This one is no doubt one to invite the animal right into its trap. Its results, are one that you could most definitely rely on! By now, one should have figured out that all that was just but pure sarcasm and the outrageous methods that people use believing them to be baits. It is no denying that this is an aspect that has all kinds of untrue solutions. You might have come across weird methodologies like using rotten cabbages, rotten bananas, using some nylon stocking that’s full of earthworms and so. The sad truth unfortunately, is that these baits hardly work or do not work at all! Yes, thats right. You will get frustration after frustration when using such methods in a bid to catch armadillos. This is all due to the simple fact that armadillos do not just eat food that they find lying on the ground. They dig up their food. The only food that they take from the surface would include live earthworms and live ants. In fact, using food as bait will only lead to animals that are not your concern being trapped

All hope, however, is not lost. A bait that does work unlike the many untrue ones is another armadillo’s scent. Who would have guessed that! In deed using a trap that had caught another armadillo is the one to use to catch another. How the phenomenon works one may not be able to understand but who cares as long as it works, right?

Even as you use the scent as a bait, knowing how exactly to set the trap will further boost the chances of you trapping the animal. Ensure that the trap is set right above the main burrow or against the wall of the property it wanders about having erected a fence to lead the animal into the trap. Using this method will relief the constant frustrations of nonperforming ‘baits’.

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