What is the best bait to trap a groundhog?

Groundhog also known as woodchuck is a heavy-set North American Rodent with short legs, brownish fur streak and gray color. This is one of the most popular wild animals causing trouble for homeowners in the United States of America. This unique North American rodent is known to be fully vegetarian feeding on fruits and vegetables while in the wide. But, when they find themselves around human inhabitation, they tend to feed on other foods they find around. Due to the high level of damages caused by groundhogs most homeowners are thinking of the best way to get rid of them. Trapping is one of the most effective wild animal removal methods; the issue is the right bait to use when you want to trap groundhogs. Just read through this article to get needed information.

Used Cantaloupe as Bait to Groundhogs
Groundhogs generally love vegetables and can easily be lured to a trap when vegetable is used as baits. But, the effectiveness of each fruits or vegetables in attracting this animal to trap differs from one to another. Cantaloupe is one the most attractive baits to groundhogs when compare with other food sources. They usually get attracted to this food to the extent that you can be sure of catching one when you use cantaloupe to bait your trap.

Make Used Of Other Soft Fruits to Bait Your Trap
If you cannot lay hold of cantaloupe to bait your groundhog trap, you can just make use of any soft fruits available. Being full time vegetarians, groundhogs are known to easily be attracted to any kind of soft fruits. They just like feeding on such food and will easily get into your cage trap is you bait it with fresh soft fruit.

Use Beans and Peas as Bait for Your Groundhog Trap
You can also increase your chance of catching groundhog when you bait your trap with beans. They will love to feed on the beans resulting to getting into your cage trap or any other kind of trap you set for them. This is the main reason you should consider using beans as your bait for groundhogs.

Just Use Anything Green as Bait to Groundhog
Groundhog will end up in your cage trap the next morning when you make use of any kind of green vegetable as your bait to the cage. They will surely be lured into the cage in their bid to feed on the green veggies inside there.

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