What is the best bait to trap a raccoon?

Getting proper bait for raccoons is the key when it comes to catching them in a live trap. Raccoon is an intelligent animal that can be difficult to catch in a lethal or live trap without proper bating. There are some kinds of food sources which can be used as bait to lure raccoons into trap either live trap or lethal trap without wasting time. Fatty foods and sweet foods are the major kind of foods that can be highly effective when used as bait to raccoon into trap. So, you are going to learn more about best bait to trap a raccoon at any point in time through the content of this article.

What You Must Know About Raccoon Eating Habit
Being opportunistic eaters, raccoons are known to eat virtually everything that comes on their way. They are ready to eat anything the find around including plants and animals depending on the environment they find themselves at any point in time. But, when it comes to baiting, there are some foods that can easily lure them to your trap even when they are not really hungry.

Make Us of Marshmallow to Bait Raccoon into Trap
Raccoon often crave for sugar and sugary foods like marshmallow. For that reason, baiting your trap with marshmallow will give you greater opportunity to catch a raccoon in your trap than when you use other kind of bait. The animal will definitely get attracted to marshmallow even when it is not hungry. This is mainly due to the sugary taste of this spongy candy which is always irrespective to raccoon at any point in time.

Use Fatty Foods like Butter or Peanut
Apart from sugary foods, another food you can use to bait raccoons to your trap is fatty foods. They so much get attractive to fatty foods and can easily get into trap when any fatty food is used as bait to their trap. So, if you want to catch raccoon quickly in your trap, you have to use butter or peanut as bait to the trap.

Use Berries to Bait Raccoons to Trap Easily
Raccoons also love to eat nuts and fruits like berries and others. For that reason, you can make use of berries as bait when you want to lure raccoon to your live or lethal trap. Indeed, you will find raccoon in your trap without delay when you bait your trap with any other abovementioned food sources.

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