What Is The Best Bait To Trap A Rat?

You probably have rats lurking in your attics and basements and you want them out. Setting rat traps is the effective move to take but what do you need to bait those traps with? Here are some feeds rats find irresistible even on the deathly traps. You should also bear in mind that some rats stick to some diet while others simply eat what they find on their way

Peanut butter
Most rodents are not very selective with what they eat, but they are nuts over nuts. All kinds of nuts are good to go with the common rats. When you induce a nut incorporated product like peanut butter to a bait, the smell will attract rats to have a taste of the nuts. Roof rats are notoriously attracted to nuts than the Norway rats.

Cereal bags in a building literally call rats. Be it maize, rye or wheat, they will come from all directions. Putting their favorite cereals like oats as baits will work wonders. It can also be effective when you use the flour instead of the whole grains

Fruits and seeds
Some fruit extracts and seeds are the perfect baits to use. Pumpkin seeds, strawberries, or bananas will definitely attract roof rats. Baits are chosen in consideration with the rat diet, you place what the rat likes most. Dried fruits are aromatic and give off nice powerful scents. They are attracted to any dried fruit because of their sweetness

It is a tasty and aromatic option that will attract the rats. Since it is not sticky, it tends to get off the bait pedal easily. You can otherwise use other sticky dairy products as baits.

Rats like many sorts of vegetables and other leaves, cooked or raw, since some are strictly vegetarians. Some of the vegetables they can eat include:

• Carrots
• Tomatoes
• Lettuce
• cabbage
• kales

Meat, fishand Bacon
Again, bacon has a distinct and powerful smell that attracts rats, especially the Norway rats. For this bait to be effective, tie it on the bait pedal of a snap trap or any other trap. This method will stop the rat from snatching it away and escaping even before the snap trap snares it.

Rats will not find it easy to refrain from chocolate, just like human. Rats find the scent from chocolates and its sweetness hard to resist. Its sticky nature also makes it a perfect bait.

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