What is the best bait to trap a skunk?

Basically trapping of a sunk is not a difficult task. You only need to follow the instructions carefully and have to go through all the steps in a proper way so that the animal may not escape and you should also not let any mishap to happen. There are certain precautions regarding the trapping of skunks and if they are followed then your work will become easier.

Ø First of all it is recommended to use the large sized traps. Although skunks are not large enough animals but still they need large traps to be captured. The sizes of skunks vary from 15 inches to as much as 37 inches. Similarly there is a great deal of variation in their weights. The average weight of spotted skunks is about 1 lb while that of hog nosed skunks can reach up to 18 lbs. Therefore it is advised to arrange the traps of quite bigger sizes so that there may not be a problem of their settlement in the cage.
Ø The second most important step is setting the trap. It is obvious that your success rate can only be maximum if you set the traps in right places. Skunks are not wandering animals. They rather like to settle in specific places. That is why you should set the traps where you have seen those most frequently.
Ø The next most important step is choosing the bait of right kind to be put in the trap. When you put the right bait, it will draw the attention of the animal and there will be no difficulty in letting it enter the trap.
Ø The most common kinds of baits which attract the skunks to maximum possible extent are cat food and marshmallows. These food items can serve as the best baits for skunks.
Ø Finally after you have made all the installation, you must not forget to cover the trap from top. This is very important because the skunk should be provided the best possible natural environment and for that purpose, it is necessary to cover the trap.
Ø Even after following the main instructions regarding the trapping of skunk, many people still have difficulty and they cannot handle the situations sometimes. In these cases it is strongly advised to take the help of a professional so that your task of trapping he skunk and getting it done with the skunk may be performed with ease and comfort.

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