What is the best bait to trap a squirrel?

Once you have selected your squirrel set-up, you should choose an enticement to lure squirrels to come in. While they are believed to be omnivores, squirrels are mostly attracted towards grains, nuts, seeds, aromatic plants, and soft fruits, besides vegetables. So, if you are uncertain as to what bait to make use of, consider these expert-recommended baits for squirrels.

Cereal grains
Generally speaking, squirrels will inquisitively try eating anything. They had been observed to be fond of various foods, like cereals and sugary kid snacks. When it comes to food, squirrels exists open-minded and seem to have expanded their tastes.

Fruits: berries, bananas, oranges, plums, nectarines, avocados, grapes, apples, pears, kiwi, peaches, figs, watermelons, any melon, cherries and mangoes

Squirrels consume almost all fruits with eagerness, especially apples. They can scale trees easily to grab fruits and consume a range of fruits. When squirrels get stuck in a house, they would want moist food, and this is where oranges come handy. They emit a potent aroma, as well as contain liquid.

In all cartoon shows, you can see squirrels munching nuts. Do not remove the nut shell and use the unsalted variety. You can even use them as topping for the peanut butter or seed oil bait.

Peanut butter
If you wish the simplest, available and effective bait, all you need is going into the pantry. Peanut butter is convenient to use as it is sold almost anywhere. It is also a usual item found in all American, and even foreign, homes. Simply spread a bit of peanut butter atop the set-up pan. You may even stick several whole peanuts on it.

Squirrels, especially the hungry ones, will eat almost anything, including popcorn. In fact, they love plain and unsalted popcorn the most.

Sunflower seeds come on top of the list as baits for squirrels. Just put them inside the set-up and smear some seed oil or peanut butter atop the mechanism that triggers the trap.

Whole peanuts with shell
The finest bait, it can be used in combination with other baits. Use it wherever you have seen a squirrel and you can surely trapyour squirrel in just a couple of minutes. It is important noting that the reason for using a bait stays, not just to tempt a squirrel to go inside the set-up, but likewise to motivate it towards activating the prompt mechanism when it is inside. To attain a fruitful catch, you should position the bait appropriately.

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