What Is the Best Bait to Trap Wild Animal?

Is there specific bait that can be used for all kind of wild animal species traps? Is it possible to lure wild animal into trap with bait? What then is the best bait to trap wild animal in humane and live trap? If these are your questions you are not to ask further as the answer is in this article. What you must know is that different wild animals crave for different kinds of foods which made the things to use as their bait to trap different from one wild animal species to another.

The Best Bait for Raccoons and Rabbits

Trapping wild animal with humane or cage trap is as good as the bait used in the trap. You must consider what the animal you want to catch mostly hunger after before going ahead to look for the bait that can easily lure the animal into your trap. Though raccoons out of curiosity normally walk into cage trap something but that does not happen always and it is strictly for raccoons that have not been caught before in cage trap. If you are setting rabbits trap you need cabbage while marshmallows will make great bait for raccoon.

Baits Needed For Chipmunks or Squirrel

In case you are trying to catch squirrel or chipmunks you need to use special bait to get any of the lured into your trap. Chipmunks and squirrels normally like similar kind of foods which made it easy to catch chipmunk in squirrel live cage trap. The best bait for chipmunks or squirrel is peanuts. They are not eaters and can easily get lured to trap baited with nuts mostly peanuts.

Groundhogs and Feral Cats Baits You Need To Know

Are you setting groundhog trap and you are wondering the best bait to use on the trap? Do you want to catch feral cats in your trap but do not know the right bait that can speed up the action? If that is the case you simply need cat food for feral cat and cantaloupe for groundhogs.

Skunks or Opossums Bait You Need to Know

If you are trying to use trapping method to solve your opossum and skunks problem, you need to get right bait for your trap. These wild animals are known for their attraction to fish smelling foods. For that reason, you can easily catch skunks or opossums in your trap when you bait it with canned fish.

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