What is the best material to exclude pigeons?

Need of excluding pigeons
Pigeons are beautiful, elegant colored birds that are good for sight-seeing and are still domesticated and reared in many developing countries for sports and are sold as pets.

They are the first among the birds to be domesticated by man. Although many species have become extinct, there are still a large amount of them that are still found to be not even endangered.

All these facts support the view that these harmless birds are adorable but here come the facts that support the view why they need to be excluded from houses and residents.

1. Pigeons are among those feathered birds that travel long distances flying around cities and farms in search of food. These travels bring along various harmful pests, parasites, pollens, and micro-organisms with them, causing serious health issues in humans and domestic animals.
2. The biggest problem with them is their dropping (excretory product) as they are Ureotelic, excreting Uric acid in their urine which can cause a tremendous amount of damage to metallic structures.
3. Not only they themselves are a risk to human and pets’ health but also, they attract mites, cockroaches, ticks, leeches and other worms, which can all bring a hail of destruction and damage to property and health.

So, you must be wondering by now that how come these lovely, feathered creatures can cause so much trouble and now when those risks are mentioned what would be the effective measure against them to keep them out from our houses. Following equipment can ensure safety from pigeons to prevent the above mentioned problems:

Wire mesh
It is a product that sports numerous uses but is not that much used as for excluding wild birds such as pigeons. This is most likely to be the result of the one fact which is that bird netting made from nylon is a standard bird exclusion device and being such a product it is normally recommended over its galvanized or stainless steel counterparts. Wire mesh can be found in various sizes and gauges.

Wire Mesh Installation Wire Mesh Installation
Wire mesh is usually used as a pigeon control method and it is also used for proofing of railway bridges.

Wire mesh can also be used for protecting air conditioning units and it is also used for protecting plants. Wire mesh is used for protection purposes only and not for aesthetics.

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