Do more birds live in urban areas or rural areas?

It is always a pleasant feeling to see a bird through your window chirping and enjoying. The colorful wings, the soulful voice and sometimes two or three of them fighting for food is one of the miracles of nature. God has made easy for many birds to live with humans. One such bird is Pigeon lives in both urban and rural areas.

Birds living in rural or urban areas has something to do with their brain sizes, this is said in a scientific study. The birds having small brains may find themselves difficult adapting in human environment as compared to birds having larger brains. So this indicates that urban birds are smarter. But this idea is rejected by many other studies.

Why Pigeon Seen In Cities?
Pigeon is mostly seen in cities and near human habitats. The reason is they find their habitat similar to wild life. Basically pigeons are the off springs of domestic Rock dove who were more comfortable in urban environment as compared to rural one. This resulted in increase in urban population of pigeons. Moreover, easy access to food and water and more space to create nests attracted pigeons towards urban areas.

It is estimated that around 400 million pigeons live in urban areas worldwide and the estimated population of pigeons in New York City alone is one million. Since they feed in flocks and consume fruits and some kind of seeds along with some rare invertebrates, all this pray is easy to find in cities.

Usually pigeons make nests in abandoned buildings. Since they live in flocks and are very social, mass nesting is very common and dozens of birds share a building. Besides. Empty air conditioner containers, windows and chimneys are favorite spots for pigeons to live and make nest.

There have been many places that are famous due to flocks and flocks of pigeons. In New York City, Times Square has always been favorite spot of them. In Amsterdam, they are usually found in Dam Square along with tourists. Trafalgar Square in London has many stories about pigeons. Moreover, they also have some meet up in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Be it some urban or rural area, usually birds adapt to the environment where they find food and shelter easily.

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