What if you are bitten by a possum?

Possums are animals that will give your garden a visit once in a while and once there, they will do quite a significant damage. It is something that irritates most of the gardeners out there and in an attempt to deal with the animal, the owners feels the urge to confront it face to face. There are two things that may happen:

• It may either injure you.
• You may injure it.

Those are the two most common possibilities after confronting the animal. In most cases, the animal may end up injured and you win the battle. What if the animal injures you, and seriously leaves a bite mark on your skin?

If bitten by a possum
it is rare getting bitten by a possum. However if you are unlucky to get bitten just know that the chances of developing an infection are very low. Rarely do possums have rabies in them. The reason behind this is the fact that if you look at a possum, it may seem to have normal temperatures but in real sense, the temperatures are low to support replication of the rabies infection.

What scares most people?
If you were to meet a possum right now, you would be scared half to death. The most common fear that accompanies the bites from the possum is the animal’s defensive posture. It has some baring teeth and this is what normally scares most people. However, it is nothing more than a defensive mechanism that is usually to scare off the predators.

After being bitten
What is next, you may be wondering.

• Wash the bite well with soap and water. To avoid contamination.
• After it has been well washed, apply an antiseptic and then place a band on top of the wound to avoid bacteria spread.
• keep an eye on the bite to see if there is an infection.
• The probability of you getting the disease is very rare since the possums do not carry harmful bacteria
This is largely due to the large consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The worst case scenario
However, it is important and worth mentioning that possum bites are usually neutral, there are some chances that you may fall a victim of disease later in the future. Therefore, it becomes best for you to get expert advice after the bite to avoid complication.

Even though a bite from the possum may not mean a thing, it is best after the bite you visit your physician to get a careful check.

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