What to do if you are bitten by a raccoon

Raccoons are usually found in the rural and urban areas but on the other hand they can be found in the wild as well as in the homes. Therefore, there is no place where you cannot find these animals. They are beautiful and attractive. That is a plus one for the animals. However, raccoons have a shady side, a part of them that makes them so dangerous. Are you familiar with the saying that your weakness is also your greatest strength? Apparently, for the raccoons, it is the same case.

What makes them a danger?
Raccoon is surely a danger! Therefore, you need to stay away from these animals. Even though they seem attractive, they are a danger that you need to stay away from. Here are some of the reasons;

• They are carriers of dangerous diseases. Diseases that once transferred to the humans could paralyze and disfigure them completely.
• Raccoons could turn your home into their permanent housing facility meaning that they will do their breeding there, nursing there and everything.

In most cases, these are the two most dangers associated with the raccoon. Therefore, as a consequence, you need to make sure that they do not get access to your facilities because if they do, you will be having a bigger problem to handle.

Once you get bitten by a rabid raccoon, the effect is that you will contract this dangerous disease. To shed some light on the condition and how serious it may get, you need to understand that all warm blooded animals are capable of carrying the rabies disease. For the raccoons, they are categorically rabies vectors species and therefore, if you see a raccoon giving you a visit after another, you need to think twice about how you interact with the raccoon.

After contracting the disease
The raccoon after contracting the disease, they will normally die after one to three days. If you have been bitten by a rabid raccoon, then the best solution is for you to visit the nearest medical center to get the best treatment. Otherwise, assuming the bit may seriously get you into very serious condition.

Signs of a sick raccoon
In case you notice the following signs in a raccoon, stay away from it;

• Discharge from the mouths and the eyes.
• Recurrent high pitch vocalizations.
• Erratic wandering.
• Staggering gait.

This will tell you that the raccoon is dangerous and may turn vigorous. Bites from a raccoon can be very dangerous and therefore, you need to be very vigilant about how you interact with the animal.

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