What if you are bitten by a rat?

Rats, apart from being a nuisance, they are also dangerous to the humans. Among the common reported problem:

• Rat infestation.
• Destruction of the property.
• Spread of rat fleas.
• Damage of the insulation wires.

There are other many problems that come about due to our interaction with the rats and one of the most dangerous one is bite from rats. They are dangerous. Basically, the rats have large teeth for biting and a single bite can be so painful.

Circumstances where the rats will bite
Since rats like working under quite condition, they try as much as possible to avoid noise or any other thing that may render them sub-consciously inactive. In case there is noise, the rats will not act in the manner they are supposed to.

Now, if you corner a healthy rat, the result is that, it may take a lunge and bite you. In most cases, this is usually to defend themselves.

Are the bites dangerous
Yes they are. If a rat has the courage to bite you, then you should know that there is something wrong with the rat and in most cases, it could be rabid. The saliva of some rat species carries dangerous and infectious diseases which include leptospirosis and the Hantavirus. However, it is good to mention that not many people after the bite get rat bite fever. Only in some rare cases. In addition, after the bite, you may be a victim of tetanus infection.

What if you are bitten
In case you are unfortunate to get a rat bite, the standard treatment would be washing the area carefully and making sure that it stays dry. After you have done that, you need to visit your doctor to have a careful check on the bite. Some bites may be containing the pathogens. Therefore, it is not for you to decide that, let your doctors determine that.

Rat bites- how they look like
They are shallow or deep. Some of the bite will only display a single puncture which for most victim is the only visible rat bite symptom. However, in some distinguished cases, victims develop wounds that may display multiple abrasions. Bleeding in some cases occur. Do not expect any infection from the rat bite.

Though the bite may not be that common, it is worth mentioning that in all time, there hasn't been a case reported of a person contracting rabies or any other dangerous disease from the rat bite.

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