What If You Are Bitten By Strayed Cat?

Do you have strayed cat in your home and other part of your property? Are you wondering what to do if you are bitten by strayed cat? Or you have already been bitten by strayed cat and thinking of how to go about the treatment? If these are what you are looking for, there is no need to worry yourself further as this site is dedicated to provide you with the information you need on the path to absolute safely when you are bitten by cat.

Wash the affected area gently using water and soap
There are several things you need to do when you got bitten by strayed cat in order to avoid getting infected with different kinds of diseases like rabies and others. The very first thing you are to do is to ensure that you wash the affected or injured area of your body with clean water and soap. This is to ensure that the germs and disease causing organisms in the wound is wiped off the surface of the body.

Cover the wound with clean towel and apply pressure on the wound
After you have washed the surface of the wound, the next thing to do is to cover the wound with clean towel. Then, mount some level of pressure on the wound to ensure that the bleeding stop without wasting time. Also, mounting pressure on the wound will help you to avoid any dangerous disease cause organisms to flow alongside the blood to the heart.

Apply sterile bandage to the wound
It is always important that every home have well equipped first aid box. Make sure there is sterile bandage in the box which will enable you bandage the place to avoid further bleeding or exposure to other dangerous external factors. After that you should keep the wounded area of your body in elevated opposition slightly above your heart. The reason for this is to avoid infection and swelling of the body.

Contact a doctor immediately
When you discover that the bite is becoming more painful than you expected, you should contact your doctor straightaway. Your doctor is going to check the wound for different kinds of infections and diseases including rabies and others before administering drugs. It is always important to know the right time to consult a doctor. You will certainly get added medical attention that will help prevent further infection on the wounded area of your body.

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