The problem of Burmese Pythons in south Florida

Native to Southeast Asia
Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is a type of python that has always been native to and linked to Southeast Asia. However, these snakes aren’t only found in Southeast Asia today; they can also be found in south Florida! Burmese Pythons have taken over south Florida that some people claim that the snakes have become native to the area. The question is, how did these dangerous snakes come to south Florida? That’s an interesting question considering the fact that Southeast Asia, the home of Burmese Pythons, is thousands of miles away from Florida.

How Did Burmese Pythons Get in South Florida?
Believe us when we tell you that no one still knows how Burmese pythons got inside South Florida. There are numerous theories, but none of them have been proved to be trustworthy. There are stories that some people intentionally smuggled several Burmese pythons out Southeast Asia and brought them to south Florida.

Where do Burmese Pythons Live in South Florida?
Burmese pythons don’t live all across south Florida. These snakes can only be found in the Everglades National Park. The first reported sightings of these snakes in that Floridian national park date from the 1980s. Today, Burmese pythons enjoy being considered as active breeding species in the Everglades National Park. They were officially recognized as breeding species of the Everglades National Park in 2000. Since their official recognition as breeding species, Burmese pythons started to breed more than ever before and because of that their number has grown significantly.

Are Burmese Pythons Causing Problems in South Florida?
Of course they are causing problems in South Florida. Any animal that doesn’t live in the area native to it will cause problems in that area. Burmese pythons cause numerous problems in the Everglades National Park. Let’s find out what problems do these snakes cause in that national park.

Decline in the Number of Mammalian Species
Since the first reported sightings of Burmese pythons in the Everglades National Park, the number of mammalian species native to the national park has dramatically declined. The number of mammalian species in the Everglades National Park still continues to decline because Burmese pythons prey on mammals.

Invasive Threat
The U.S. Department of the Interior considers Burmese pythons as an invasive threat because they disrupt the ecosystem of the Everglades National Park by preying on animals native to the park. That is why the U.S. Department of the Interior banned the import of these snakes six years ago. The problem of Burmese Pythons in south Florida

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