What to do about a cage-shy raccoon

Raccoons are small and nocturnal animals and the most difficult thing about them is that they never come out at day time. Therefore, it is very difficult to trap them of catch them in day time. Another major problem about raccoons is that these are the animals which respond to a very lesser extent to the baits and cages. In other words we can also say that these are the cage shy animals. In these cases it becomes very difficult and almost impossible to catch a live raccoon. In order to address these issues related t raccoons capturing and their safe disposal, there are certain other methods which are adopted so that the raccoons may be trapped or strayed away from the human dwellings.

Using moth balls
It is the cheapest way to create a strong smell. The interesting thing about the moth balls is that the raccoons also respond t it and they do not come near the place where moth balls are present. You can spread these moth balls in the kitchen, attic, wall or in the places where you think you can find a raccoon. It will simply be deterred from the smell and appearance of the moth balls and will run away n its own.

Ammonia gas fumes or sprays
Ammonia is a gas having a very strong and pungent odor. You can prepare it directly under specific laboratory conditions or can also create it by carrying out certain chemical reactions between compounds. Ammonia can also be released in the form of fumes or as a spray. In both the forms it is very active and will show immediate action as the raccoons will immediately be deterred away from the place where ammonia is present. Basically it is the best technique about the cage shy animals to make them deterred and run away otherwise if they stay there, they will start making nests and giving birth to the babies.

Ultrasonic machines
Basically these devices are meant to perform the activity of detection of the rodents and when any movement is detected, then high pitch sounds are produced in order to deter these creatures. This technique is equally effective for raccoons as well as other wild animals like opossums, foxes and dogs. In short there are a plenty of ways to get rid of raccoons and locking them in cage r killing them is not the ultimate solution. Yu can successfully deter them away and then you can block their entry points for ever.

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