What to do about a cage-shy squirrel

Irrespective of how intense are your attempts in trapping squirrels, some are simply too meddlesome that they are never trapped. Squirrels inside the loft, for example, are hard to catch, especially once they nest and are raising their babies there. If this is the case, you must wait for around a month and a half, the time when babies are weaned, to try trapping them. Take note that squirrels nesting in the upper floor of Florida homes are hard to trap even when you use the finest baits. Instead, a cage-shy squirrel could only be managed through the exclusion technique.

Exclusion electric fence
In this situation, you may close its entry and egress points. Another alternative is for you building a barring fence towards ensuring that it finds it trying to find your house. A prohibiting fence might also use an electric supply towards transmitting electrical stimuli that could repel the squirrels from homes or from entry points.

Repeater trap
Another method to catch a difficult-to-catch squirrel is through a repeater set-up. You could set this at the edges of the entrance and egress holes. As the animal vacates the home, the set-up automatically adjusts even though the prey manages to run off. Repeater set-ups increase your probability to catch a shy squirrel, except when it changes its points of access and departure. The trap should have wings on one edge to ensure that the set-up is attached easily. In addition, it must likewise have a coil that replicates its location along a single door. A single door routinely closes when the squirrel comes in, making it problematic to get away from the trap.

Secured trap location
One more reason that makes some squirrels too strenuous to catch is that often the set-up is positioned on unsafe surfaces. If the area, where a cage is placed, wobbles so much, the squirrel would feel not confident to enter. Hence, you have to make sure that the pressure of the trigger pan of the cage is positioned perfectly. If the squirrel, in spite of everything recommended above, does not enter the trap, you are left with only two options. One is to call an animal control expert to catch it for you; and the other, is for you to catch it manually. If you choose the first, be ready to pay a service fee. Otherwise, do it yourself, but make sure to wear heavy-duty gloves.

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