Are cage traps a good option for rodents?

Not a Good Option
Generally speaking, cage traps aren’t a good option for getting rid of rodents. The truth is that cage traps are effective in catching rodents, but such traps aren’t necessarily humane. Cage traps aren’t humane because you must relocate the trapped rodents but you can’t expect them to live in the wild once you release them.

Moreover, cage traps aren’t good for mice and rats because they can quickly make the animal die inside of it due to stress or due to dehydration/starvation. If you don’t want to see your trapped rodents drop dead inside your cage trap, you should frequently check your cage trap. It is the best option to check out cage traps every 12 hours or so. But, if you fail to do this, you will most likely kill the rodents in an inhumane way.

Alternative to Cage Traps
A great alternative to cage traps is snap traps. Snap traps are more practical that cage traps since they can be set up in dozens. Another advantage of snap traps over cage traps is that you can set them up in tight areas where the mice and rats love to roam at.

However, what you need to be aware of is that mouse trapping is the least important aspect of getting rid of mice. What matters the most in getting rid of mice is preventing further mice and rat infestations in your home with home repairs.

Rodent Control Programs
Cage traps are only good if they are used as a part of the rodent control programs. If used for rodent control programs, cage traps are a better option than glue traps, electronic traps, and snap traps.

There is a number of ways to capture different rodents using the cage traps. Every single cage trap has distinctive and unique features and this is what makes them popular to different people.

When to Use Cage Traps?
You should use cage traps when:

• Poison bait proves to be a hazard to pet and children

• When rodents are trap-shy

• When you have dead rodents in your house or business object

What to do After Catching the Mice?
After you have caught a rodent in your cage trap, you should empty the cage. Empty the cage 2 to 3 miles away from your home while wearing some gloves.

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