Are cage traps a good option for rats?

The idea of cage trap is very good and it is also applicable to a great extent especially when you are aiming at catching the live rats. However, it is only workable if you catch the live rats and then let them go out or if you want to relocate these rodents. But it does not work well all the times because many such cases have been observed when the rats after been caught have been escaped even before relocating them. There are many pros and cons of cage traps and some of the features of the cage traps are as follows which advocate in the favor of not using them especially if you want to get rid o the rats completely.

Size of cage traps
Basically rats are very small sized animals and they like to live in the corners, inside the walls and in the lonely dark and little places of your attic and roof. Usually the size of cages is not that much small which could favor the small sized places because these traps do not fit over there. If you are going to trap the rats in a small area, you have to look for some other idea.

More traps at a time are needed
Usually if you have set single or a few traps to catch the rats, it is not enough. In order to catch the rats you have to install a number of cage traps in different places of your house. It is simply not possible to set up a dozen of traps into your house because it will simply look awful.

Effectiveness of cage traps
If the efficiency of cage traps is discussed, it is experienced that the cage traps are not that much effective in catching rats. Rats have becomes much cautious now and even some of them are really cage shy. In fact the snap traps are much more efficient in this regard.

Rats may die in the cage
Sometimes if the cage traps are placed in the attic, then the rats may also stress out and die in these traps if they are aught and remain there unchecked for a long time. Therefore it is also suggested to keep on checking these cages after short intervals of time so that if you find any rodent in them, you can dispose it off as quickly as possible. This is for the good of both the rat as well as the home owner.

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