Canada Goose Prevention - How to keep Canada Geese away from yard or pond

Canada geese are responsible for the major problem most people have when it comes to bird droppings along the pavements. These birds also have the power to change your entire landscape quite literally. Add to that, the riverbanks, fishponds and recreational fountain areas have also never looked the same way again.

The answer
Is there a way to set them off to another place? Canada goose prevention is perhaps the most suitable answer to all of these. Let us give a rundown of the things you need to do to keep them away from your own pond or yard. After all, every little thing begins at home.

Things to put into consideration
A Canada goose often reaches form some food underwater. They usually come to ponds for some tadpoles, snails and insects. On some wide areas of agricultural land, these birds look for some wheat, barley, Oates, ryes, millets and corns. Your own yard is not also spared from these nuisance birds if you have grass, cloverleaf, horsetail, cattail and other wild food houseplants. To keep them away, you should limit the surrounding from all of these.

When there is no choice
On some situation that it is inevitable, you can put decoy swans on the pond or some scarecrow (balloons or flag poles) outside the yard. It is also important not to spare some leftover foods outside so that these birds won’t flock and have someplace to eat.

Continuous approach to challenges
If you want to help the entire community in eradicating migratory birds, it is necessary to carry on with some of these even outside your own home.

• Don’t feed the birds in public places
• Don’t toss away your leftover food anywhere

A little effort goes a long way
When all the rest is working towards prevention, everyone else will reap the benefits of migratory bird-free yards and ponds.

• Maintain cleanliness (both at the yards and ponds)
• Install fences and net traps within the yard
• Use spray chemicals that deter Canada geese from coming near
• Install speakers outside the yard that extends to your main stereo (to generate some noise)
• Train your dogs to frighten birds away from the yard
• Do not surround the pond with some plants which they find attractive
• Plant the shrubs closely to form a natural barrier
• Grow the plants taller until the end of migratory season
• Find suitable solution for extermination in case the problem persists

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