Canada Goose Repellents - Types, and do they work?

One of the solutions that understand the need for quick remedy is the use of repellents. Canada goose repellents come in many forms and also have varying effects. Let’s take a closer look.

Anthraquinone is one of the 2 US EPA registered chemical formulas specially made for Canada goose. This ingredient is used for spraying products that can be applied on the grass frequented by this type of migratory bird.
• Flight Control Plus
• Flight Control

Methyl Anthranilate (MA)
Methyl Anthranilate is another form of additive approved by FDA, which means it is safe for pet or human consumption. This can be added to water and spread over the landscape or agricultural lands plagued by Canada geese. It comes in three varieties under the brand name aptly called Rejex-It.
• TP-40 (liquid form)
• TP-50 (powder)
• AG-36 (semi-liquid)

Other pest control solutions entail the use of explosives most especially when it comes to driving away birds. The use of pyrotechnics however requires compliance under State and local discharge of firearm. This is due to the fact that the “shots” coming from shell crackers can be dangerous to nearby properties and also to the public.

Gas Igniter
There are also devices that repel Canada goose by means of igniting propane gasoline to make certain amounts of explosion. The loud shots may be set in sequence depending on the frequency of the birds stopping by. But since it can be very noisy, a state license is required especially if the area of coverage is within the suburbs.

The safer way to repel migratory birds is perhaps by placing your own pets on the lookout. If you have a Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie, it’s about time to sign them up for training. These types of canines are quite good at scaring off Canada geese as long as there is not much body of water in the surrounding.

Other device repellents
Since birds are usually afraid of loud noise, you can come up with any device that is readily available (e.g. sound-emitting electronic gadgets, distress alarm or even the horn from your own vehicle). Laser beams are also good at driving Canada goose away but can be quite distracting to other people.

Final thoughts
All the above-mentioned Canada goose repellents have one way or another proven to be effective. But with most repellents, the use of noise and other form of chemicals maypose possible danger to the environment and also to humans.

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