How to catch a squirrel with a snare pole?

Squirrels are naturally curious and prefer climbing up trees the easier way. Their innate characteristics make snare poles an effective way to catch them. It is one of the widely used and most primitive ways to catch a squirrel for its ease of setup and it’s in harmony to their natural behavior. You need to assess whether a snare pole is your best bet in trapping our seemingly innocent friends. Here are some of the vital points to consider:

• Snare poles are useful traps when there are trees surrounding the area.
• It is a must to know what type of squirrel surrounds your area for snare size creation.
• Our unwanted visitors have different sizes and weights. Knowing how most of them look like and how big they are will help you determine the pole diameter that can handle these furry creatures.

Pole can be made of any type of wood as long as it looks natural, similar to a tree bark. The recommended length of the pole is from 4.5 feet up to 6 feet. It should also be relatively straight to be able to help invite squirrels walk towards the shortcut going up to the tree. The pole’s diameter can be as thin as your thumb’s width or as thick as your forearm’s.

Choose a wire between 22-gauge to 26-gauge. It should be sturdy enough and flexible at the same time to be able to hold the squirrel without harming it. Make an eye by twisting about the diameter of a squirrel’s head (about 2 to 3 inches) and the other end crisscrossed to the pole. It is advisable to make a handful of snares attached to the pole facing on the sides and on top to surely catch the yard pest.

No bait necessary
Since snare poles work on the squirrel’s natural course going towards the tree, things to lure them are often unnecessary.

Observe how the squirrels act. Do they stay longer on specific tree? Do they only go to that tree when it has fruits or flowers? You need to learn their likes to be able to select which tree should have the snare pole. The tree will hold the pole. Position the pole at about 45 degrees from the ground – one end tied to the tree with a sturdy wire and the other end buried to the ground. You will surely catch some from their group once these snare poles are up. Once a fellow is caught, be sure to wear protective gear before handling the trapped squirrels for relocation. They can get nasty and bite you. However, you can’t bite them back.

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