Common causes of bad odors inside a house

Our houses are the one place that we long to go back to after a busy and a long day. They provide that comfort that you can hardly get in other places. However, they can as well prove to be a place that you cannot stand especially if the odor is just awful. Home odors are a result of various causes the common ones including: a dead animal in the house, left overs that later decompose especially meat, mold as well as poor drainage systems.

• A decomposing carcass

This is probably the most disturbing smell of all. Other odors, one can ignore but certainly not this one. Dead animals that can be found in your house would include rats, opossums, raccoons, pigeons, mice and other small animals. There is only one quick solution to this problem and that is finding it. The carcass would normally be found in secret places like in the wall, the ceiling, attic and sometimes the chimney. Using the sense of smell, yourself or using your pet is the most effective way to locating the carcass. Remove the carcass, clean the area and use some home deodorants and there, problem solved.

• Mold

Mold normally grows in wet or humid areas and therefore such will be seen growing in areas such as the laundry area, the bathroom and sometimes the basement. The key to counter this problem is simple. Counteract the humidity condition in the particular area. This could include permanently dehumidifying that area to just about 40 or 50 % humidity. You would also consider moving all materials that were live before from the affected area to a place with a cooler temperature. Such materials would include leather, wool and paper. Having experts to remove the mold for you is also another smart option.

• Leftover food

Leftover food is definitely one common cause of house odor. The smell will normally come as a result of it decomposing. Meat leftover especially is one that really stinks when decomposing. The solution to this problem is not a task at all. All you have to do is manage whatever food that remains by storing it in the fridge if it is going to be eaten later. As for left overs that have to be disposed, conduct a proper disposal method by disposing them in a plastic bag before tossing it in a firmly covered trash can. Ensure that the trash cans are outside the house.

• Poor drainage system.

If the drainage system in your home is faulty, then the outflow of dirty unwanted water will be affected occasionally stagnating in the pipes. This is a common problem especially in kitchen and laundry sinks. Having a plumber to conduct a repair is the solution to this problem. Common causes of bad odors inside a house

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