Animals chewing pipes and risks associated with it

The animals that belong to the family of rodents do chew pipes that are made-up with plastics. These rodents includes chipmunks, rats, mice, squirrels and also beavers. The rodents have the tendency of burrowing and chewing on objects that they come across. These animals can do high level of damage as pertains to destruction and spread of diseases.

Beware, it’s more than it meets the eye

For most of the households, a mouse will be suspected of only being after the left over bread crumbs that the animal will go and hind behind the refrigerator to devour it. However, it is not always the case. In some serious instances, the mouse might be interfering with the electronic wiring system not withstanding that it holds more potential damage to the occupants than the mice itself. This should be a reason for more vigilance on the movement of these rodents especially during winter where there is intense cold.

Extent of damages

Most of the living rodents are programmed to chew. From now and then, they are nibbling to maintain their teeth healthy and also remain active to starve boredomness. From the electrical wires, to timber, furniture and water pipes, nothing is substantially off limits. The cost of replacing such objects that has been devoured by the rodents is not substantial as compared to the level of destruction that these rodents would create. If a mouse chews a water pipe passing through the wall and causes a leak, the damage that might happen is immense. The same scenario would happen if a naked wire sparks a house fire after a mouse chews the electrical wire.

Illness and diseases

Rodents are carriers of some dangerous microorganism that can cause illness to the human beings. According to a research by Centre for Disease control, there are ten documented forms of diseases that can be transmitted by rodents. The mode of transmission may vary from direct contact, handling food and water that is contaminated by the rodents amongst other various forms of transmission.


Most of the insurance firms around the world cover damages resulting from wild animals but never from pests. Therefore, a squirrel squandering is bad news as far as insurance cover on your home is concerned. The best way to evade such instances is to report immediately to authorities to remove rodents from the home.

Animals chewing pipes and risks associated with it

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