Chipmunk Prevention - How to keep Chipmunks away from yard or landscaping

Chipmunks are very important as far as it is concerned about the economic damage they cause in your gardens and houses. As far as the intrusion caused by chipmunks is concerned, it is so obvious that these apparently cute looking creatures can prove to be very much weird if these are allowed to enter in the garden and house. This is because these creatures can cause a lot of damage not only to the plants but also to the pet food placed in your yard. When the chipmunks come in search of the underground buried nuts and seeds in the garden soil, they may also ruin and chew up the roots of some of the valuable ornamental plants. Moreover if they enter inside the house, they can also cause the disturbance and chew up the paper and soft wooden parts of the construction of your house. There are certain ways of protecting the house and its premises from chipmunks. The basic key is not to allow these creatures from entering otherwise if they gain entry even into the yard or garden, they can be highly devastating for the plants and wooden parts of the house.

How to prevent chipmunks
There are certain methods which have been employed and can prove to be successful in preventing their entry into the house or even into the garden. fact that armadillos are not only the weird looking animals but they are also dangerous in terms of causing damage to your property. The armadillos are also regarded as pests for farmers because they dig up their farms and also destroy their crops by making burrows. Therefore it is important to avoid the harmful aspects of armadillos by keeping them away from your property. There are some physical applications which can be employed in order to get rid of the problem of armadillos and you can make them stay away from your property. Some of these practical methods are as follows.

Applying the chipmunk repellent chemicals
It is advised to apply certain kinds of repelling weeds and plants outside your house. They have a strong odor and release toxic compounds like alkaloids which can ultimately repel these creatures and they cannot come near the garden or yard again.

Protecting the outdoors
It is the most effective way of protecting the house and yard from chipmunks to enter. This can be helpful because if these rodents do not gain entry into the house, they will not be able to cause damage.

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