Chipmunk Repellents - Types, and do they work?

Chipmunks are such creatures which are usually not found alone. Therefore if they get into a garden or house, they also do that in groups or families. There are many ways suggested to get rid of the chipmunks once they enter into your house. However a much better suggestion is that you simple do not let them enter into your house and garden. In this way you can avoid the losses caused by these small and cute looking rodents. As the chipmunks can cause a huge loss to your plants, therefore these are regarded as pests by the farmers and gardeners. In the wake of this notation, it seems impeccable to apply certain pest removal or pest repelling chemicals which can repel them away and they never dare to enter the territory of your garden or farm or even house.

The extent and estimate of damage can only be made by those people who experience the devastation due to these small rodents. These innocent looking creatures can eat up your pet food, and can also destroy your plants and their roots. These are known to cause a lot of damage to your property and garden. That is why their removal or simply not allowing them to enter into your premises is suggested. In this regard there are several repellents which have been suggested. Many of these are chemical repellents producing certain sharp odor which can make them run away. Sometimes people also use the traditional repellents such as spices and their odor to make these rodents run away and these things really work.

Using unattractive plants
This is the simplest way which can be used to deter the chipmunks. Many people have adopted the strategy of planting the obnoxious smelling plants and have found this technique helpful in deterring the chipmunks. These plants contain the calcium oxalate compounds and produce certain alkaloids which prove to be toxic for the chipmunks. Daffodils are the best flowers to be planted in spring. This will not only increase the beauty of your yard but will also act as the natural repellent for chipmunks.

Using solar rotating owls
Solar rotating owls are known to cause fear among the chipmunks and they avoid going to the places where the owls are present because owls feed on the chipmunks. Most of the homeowners use the solar operated garden owls in order to make them run away. This technique lso works equally well on other rodents like mice and squirrels.

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