Will the city or county animal services help me with skunk issues?

One may see it wise to contact the city or animal services agencies to help people with some issues concerning the skunk such as skunk removal and skunk spray remedy. These agencies do not usually deal with problem concerning the wild animals. This may annoy a person hence you have to rethink again of another solution.

Why did the city and county animals services stopped concentrating on wild animals?
Some years back, people could call the city or county animal services to help them with the skunk issues and other issues regarding other wild animals and the problems that they cause and get the problem solved. After the problem had grown too large and expensive, most of the county animal services firms made a decision to stop helping out with wild animal problems anymore.

The function of the city or county animal services
County and city agencies do only take care of problem concerning domestic animals such as dogs and cat problems. The issue of the wildlife is now in the hands of the private sectors and other state licensed nuisance wild life trappers. If you have a problem with your pet ( cat or a dog), it is good that you contact the city or county animal services. Remember that sometimes, if the problem involves something tricky such as the pet going into an attic or crawling spaces, you may not get help from the county animal services.

What to do next
Now that you have known the reasons why the city or county government had decided to stop concentrating on the issues regarding wild animals, and their current functions…You have to look for an alternative solution to deal with the skunk issue as in below.

a) Trap the skunk If you cannot get assistant form from the city or county animal services, you may live trap the skunk and relocate it in a safer place to avoid interference. You have to follow the right procedures of setting the trap for efficiency.
b) Hire a professional If the law of the land prevents you from interfering with wild animals such as removing the skunk by yourself, you can hire a state licensed nuisance wildlife trapper and removers to help you, though it may also be expensive in terms of c

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