Will the city or county animal services help me with a pigeon issue?

As much we would want the government agencies to come through for us with the various issues that affect us, it is sadly not possible. Like in this case, the city or animal services are not applicable when it comes to the issues of pigeons and getting them out of our properties. They are solely committed to serving animals and people. What they handle is all aspects associated with livestock and other domestic animals. Fortunately, all hope is not lost as there exist other establishments that commit their efforts to solving problems that come with pigeons. What then becomes as the solution is having pros on board who conduct a number of activities. Such would include the private animal service companies, rehabbers or the pest control companies.

Private animal control service companies.Their services concerning pigeon control issues are limited. In the case where your domestic animals are being affected or attacked by pigeons then you have the mandate to call them for help. The situation, unfortunately changes if you are calling them to help you with a pigeon infection case. This is owing to the fact that this task is not their primary responsibility. In fact, they would normally refer you to a rehabber.

Pest control companies. These companies become the best solution when to come to handling issues regarding pigeon infestations. Other companies specifically deal with pigeons.

Their roles and responsibilities.

• Removal of dead or alive pigeons.

It is needless to mention the amount of experience that these people have when it comes to removing the pigeons from their shelter points either dead or alive. Even as they carry out the job, they ensure that safety is not compromised.

• Put in place measures that prevent the birds from becoming a bother.

After removing the birds, the set measures that will deter the birds from returning. According to the situation, they ensure that the method they use as the preventive measure is the most effective in that premises. • Offer clean up and repair services for damages done by the birds. They clean up the areas that were homes to the birds. They clean up their droppings and take out their nests. Aside from that, they offer repair services in the affected area ensuring that your home returns to safe state.

• Conduct inspections.

They take a look at other possible bird infested areas of your home like the chimney and the attic to find out if there are birds there that could also become a problem.

It should not worry you if the city or county animal services do not extend their service when it comes to pigeon control. We have these pest control companies who are always available and have their emergency hotline

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