Can The City Or County Animal Services help Me With A Squirrel Problem?

That answer pretty much tells you what to expect when you report this issue to your local government. It is also an understandable one.

Why is this the case?
Simple really:

● Squirrels are everywhere and in large numbers, they are not large animals, hence, tracking their movement is quite hard.
● Squirrels are generally not dangerous to you or your family in a life threatening manner, hence, there is no urgency in rushing to your help.
● The “do it yourself options”, one has to control a squirrel issue are usually many and most of them work.
● Most county and city offices may not be heavily manned to deal with small animals because they tend to be too many for the few officials available.

How then do they serve people to help with squirrel problems?
Probably the most the county and city government would do is give advice on how to handle the problem, on websites or official bulletins. They may offer advice on;

● Which species are endangered, hence warn you about the consequences of killing them.
● They will advise on what poisons can be used and where to find them for those who feel that is their only option.
● They will educate on what may be a dangerous or ineffective way of ridding yourself of the squirrels.

So what options are there?
Simply consider doing it yourself or get the help of a professional who is well equipped to guide you on how to go about it.

● Do research on how to trap them or where to get traps.
● Ensure that openings into your house, especially attics are sealed.
● Be careful not to handle their droppings in an unhygienic manner, it can cause disease.

Is that it?
Yes it is. It comes down to you and how badly you want the problem gone. You will discover that it really isn’t that hard. All you need is;

● Patience; (especially when dealing with nesting mothers).
● Determination; since you may have to try different methods.
● A budget; for those considering employing the services of a professional.
● Keenness; you need to learn their habits well before you go out to war.

That having been said, it's best to deal with it on your own as city or government officials are probably overwhelmed dealing with other bigger and menacing animals.

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