How Do I Clean Bat Feces Out Of My Attic?

In case you have large number of bats in your attic, you should also know that you have heap of bat feces in there. Apart from the fact that bat feces can cause discomforting odor in your house, it can also result to serious lung infection known as Histosplasmosis which you can easily get by breathing the spores of the fungus are highly infectious and airborne. Because of this you must ensure you clean up the droppings when you have bat infestation. But before that the first thing will be to remove the bats completely and ensure none remains in the attic.

What You Need To Wear To Clean Bat Feces Out Of Your Attic
You need a good protective gear when you want to clean bat feces out of your attic. This s to avoid inhaling spores of fungus that can cause lung disease to you. The protective gear you need to wear in when you want to clean bat feces from attic include: Biohazard suit, nose mask, booties, disposable Tyvek suit, and rubber glove on your hand and others. These are to ensure complete covering and protection against any form of infection that may result from getting in contact with bat feces.

Clean Up the Insulation and Spray Enzyme Cleaner
Among other areas you need to concentrate your cleaning action when you want to clean bat feces from your attic is the insulation. In fact, whether there are visible bat feces in there or not, you should make sure that you spray enzyme cleaner so as to completely kill the infectious organisms that may cause serious disease to you.

Remove Lose Droppings in Smooth Surfaces
If there are lose dropping scattered around your attic you have to remove them with vacuum pump and ensure you use the vacuum device to clean up all other areas to ensure you do not leave any of the feces behind after cleaning. Then, you can now consider the feces that stuck on the surfaces and effectively scrub them out using any strong material that can completely remove them.

Spray the Entire Attic Space with Special Enzyme Cleaner
Since Histosplasmosis fungus is airborne it is important you spray special enzyme cleaner on the surfaces after cleaning. Spray the cleaner on the entire parts and all the areas you removed the feces from. The enzyme cleaner will help to increase your protection by killing the fungus present in the feces and on the air.

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