How do I clean pigeon feces out of my attic?

Pigeon droppings contain a large amount of harmful fungus which is responsible for histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis and over 60 different kinds of harmful diseases and pathogens. Thus caution should be taken while cleaning and area should be free from kids and animals.

Before cleaning it is necessary to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) which can prevent the germs from infecting our own body and makes cleaning process much more manageable Wearing long sleeves shirt and full pant will provide much better protection than a simple t-shirt. This is affordable also and one doesn't have to buy expensive biological suits. Though one should invest in wearing waterproof gloves and full toe covered shoes. Along with it a filter mask and an eye protection glasses should also be worn if the amount of debris is large.

For sanitation, a 10-12% solution of sodium hypochlorite should be used obtained by mixing nine parts of water and one part of bleach. The air of the attic should be misted by spraying water as this help in suspending the air borne particles. The area covered with dropping should be soaked with the bleach solution and then should be left to dry for 15 minutes. This will make cleaning off the dried feces easy. Recurring application of the bleach solution depends on the amount and dryness of the feces. Once the feces has been softened, a shovel or a hoe should be used to scrape out the feces. The scratched should be carefully placed in a plastic bag. Using a double plastic bag will only add to the safety .once the droppings have been removed rinse the area with a good disinfectant detergent with a mop or broom and leave the wet cleaned area under sunlight for 4-5 hours to dry. The UV rays of the sun will kill all the remaining germs and if the area does not have proper light use the bleach solution for another 10 min after cleaning. Dry the whole area with a blow dryer before making it available for use.

Since an attic is an underground and completely closed area, a fan or an open window should be used for letting fresh air in before starting the cleaning. This will avoid suffocation and chances of vomiting while cleaning. Clothes worn during the procedure should be thoroughly washed with hot water and a good disinfectant. If any company product, medicine or disinfectant is used, it is necessary to check the label and chemicals used in it so that there are no side effects after the cleaning.

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