How Can I Clean Raccoon Feces Out Of My Attic?

Due to enormous infectious diseases associated with raccoon feces most people are even scared when it comes to cleaning up the droppings in their attic. Since you can easily contact raccoon disease such as roundworm and others through breathing the feces, you need to consider thorough protective measure while cleaning up your attic. One of the protective measures you need to consider is to have a good nose and face mask which can protect you from breathing the air that come directly from the urine and feces. Below are the possible ways you can clean raccoon feces out of your attic.

Some Protective Materials You Need To Clean Raccoon Feces from Your Attic
The first thing you need to do while planning to clean raccoon feces out of your attic is to protect yourself from getting in contact with the mess. So, you need a rubber hand glove, nose mask, rubber booth and others. These protective materials will save you from getting in contact with the poop for any reason. More so, with the hand glove and nose mask you will not have to touch the feces with your bare hand and will not even breathe the feces directly.

Make Use of Shovel or Scoop to Remove Raccoon Feces
Dealing with raccoon feces in your attic is more demanding and difficult than in other part of your home. So, to ensure proper cleaning of the feces you need to make use of scoop or shovel which will help you to collect not only the droppings but also any surrounding materials and insulation. That will help you to get the feces completely out of your attic.

Get a Heavy Duty Bag and If Possible Double the Bag
Another thing you need is a heavy duty bag where you will need to place the droppings after removing it from the attic. If possible you have to double the bag so as to avoid tearing and pouring all around the corner.

Ensure You Dispose the Bag in a Well Secure Garbage Awaiting Collection
Disposing the plastic bag where you poured in raccoon feces must be done with thorough care. You must be sure that the bag is in safe and secured garbage. This is to avoid other animal or pet tearing the bag and scattering the feces around your home which can result to the same bacterial infection you are afraid of.

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