How do I clean rat feces out of my attic?

A rat feces is something very dangerous, although it seems to be simply harmless being a non living particle. In fact it is a reservoir of many diseases and if it is handled improperly, then one can contract many different types of germs from the feces of rats. Therefore it is very important to clean the feces of rats and dispose these droppings out effectively and efficiently. There are several reasons for which the droppings of rats should be disposed of properly and with great care. There are some general reasons for taking care while disposing of the rat feces and cleaning your attic. Possible threats carried by rat feces
First of all, the rat feces is carrying many different types of germs and if any of these is contracted by humans, it can cause severe illness. Secondly the feces simply stink and have a very bad odor. In cases when the feces is present in heavy amount it can be very unpleasant. The rat feces contain certain substances which can cause the degradation of wood and even wall. Furthermore the scent of the urine or feces of rat is so much dangerous that it can also attract other rats and different types of rodents as it they also contain pheromones.

Ways of cleaning the rat feces from attic
The rat feces can also be cleaned and wiped out by means of a portable vacuum cleaner or a large vacuum cleaner. This is the most feasible way to clean the attic because the vacuum cleaner has got a long hose and it can also enter the narrow places where a mop cannot enter. In case of there are traces of feces on the fiberglass insulation, they need to be cleaned manually and then fresh insulation is installed. After removing of the waste of rats either manually or through a vacuum cleaner, it is then important to dispose it of properly so that it may not spread and cause contamination. After removing the feces and completely cleaning the attic, it is then required to fog the whole space. This will remove any contamination left over and will help in reducing the germs to the maximum possible extent. Usually electric fogging is recommended because it is a reliable means of cleaning the attic completely. Certain cleaning products are also applied which contain enzyme and bacteria that simply eat up the organic matter.

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