How do I clean rodent feces out of my attic?

Not an Easy Job
Cleaning up after a rodent infestation in your attic is not an easy job at all. Rat or mice infestations in the attic usually mean that there is a lot of rodent poop and urine left in the attic.

Rodent waste left out after rodent infestation in your attic is something you should be extremely cautious of. There are a plethora of diseases that can be transmitted through direct contact with rodent poop. Hantavirus is one of the most common diseases transmitted by rodent waste. This peculiar virus attacks the whole body, while exhibiting symptoms that resemble the symptoms of flu. Nearly half of the people who contract Hantavirus eventually die due to respiratory complications. What people don’t know about Hantavirus is that you don’t only get it by directly touching rodent waste. You can also contract this virus by sweeping rodent waste and inhaling small particles of rodent waste while sweeping it. Cleaning up after rodents isn’t worth risking your own life. In this article, we will tell you how clean rodent feces without risking your life.

An Important Part of Rodent Control
Many wildlife experts consider cleaning up after rodents and decontamination of the attic after them an extremely important part of the rodent control and that is for several reasons:

• Rodent Droppings Contain Various Dangerous Diseases People Can Catch
• Odor of Rodent Droppings is Awful and it Spreads All Over the House
• Rodent Droppings can Degrade Drywalls and Wood
• Rodent Droppings Encourage Mold Growth
• The Scent of Rodent Droppings Attracts More and More Rodents You shouldn’t do a full attic cleanup after rodent infestation until you solve the rodent problem first. You can only do the full attic cleanup once you sealed up all rodent entry holes and once you got rid of all rodents in your attic.

Steps to Follow
We will now give you three most important steps of cleaning up your attic after rodent invasion:

Step 1 - Vacuuming
Vacuum out every piece of rodent droppings with a portable vacuuming machine while wearing a gas mask and protective gloves!

Step 2 - Removing Soiled Insulation
In the areas of your attic where the insulation has been extremely soiled with rodent urine and droppings, you should remove the insulation. After removing the insulation, install fiberglass insulation.

Step 3 - Fogging
Fog your attic with a fogging machine in which you will install a cleaning product that contains enzymes and cultured bacteria.

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