How do I clean squirrel feces out of my attic?

Squirrel feces are a great pact of problem that you have to deal with. Squirrels take a sprinkling approach when eliminating hence it can be hard to clean. Cleaning of squirrel feces should be done with caution as you will be at risk of catching an infection. Always wear protective gear when handling animal waste.

If your property has previously hosted a squirrel infestation that you managed to get rid of, it is important that you thoroughly clean the area as the scent might draw other animals into the space. Because of the volume of feces found in the attic you will usually need a vacuum to pick up most of the feces. Droppings that have dried into stiff contact with surface should be scraped off using a chisel knife. Alternatively, you can use a broom to collect the feces to a smaller area and a hand shovel to pick and gather them in a plastic bag. While sweeping, it is important to avoid contaminating other surfaces. Once gathered the droppings can be collected with the trash and buried.

Disinfecting the area
There is the imminent danger for humans to catch a disease carried by squirrel feces. The feces may contain bacteria that may cause infections. Some of the bacterial infections spread through squirrel dung include:

• Salmonella
• Leptospirosis
• Tularemia The mild forms of these infections can be treated using antibiotics. It is best to ensure good hygiene practices to avoid contracting the infections. Replace contaminated insulation and ensure that you deep clean an area that was laden with squirrel feces using an antibacterial cleanser or even a steam cleaner.

Preventive measures
If you have successfully managed to get rid of the feces, replace the insulation in the attic. Ensure all entry points to the attics are sealed. This is an expensive undertaking but it will be worth the hassle you may face if the squirrels come back. You should also check the rest of your property. Make sure there is no space that could harbor the rodents. Clear all modes of access including low hanging branches.

The bottom line
Squirrel dung could pose unwanted threats to yourself and your property. It is more important to prevent the entry than the removal of squirrels from your property. Prevent squirrels from being attracted to pheromones that are left behind by other squirrels by thoroughly cleaning the affected areas. If the infestation is bad you should hire a cleaning expert to properly do the work.

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