Is a coyote that is active during the daytime sick or rabid?

Coyotes are the descendents of the grey wolves and these animals were found in numerous numbers in the grasslands. Usually the coyotes used to live in the grasslands and areas which were richly inhabited by other herbivores like antelopes, bison and other species of deer.

Habit and habitat of the coyotes
The major reason for the successful survival of the coyotes was the least competition between the coyotes and other carnivorous species living in the same habitat. This was the main reason that coyotes have an expanded region of habitat ranging from grasslands to deserts and semi arid regions. After the extermination of wolves was observed in the various Habitats of earth, the coyotes expanded their range of habitat and reached up to the mountains of Alberta. As far as the habit and social behavior of the coyotes is concerned, it is an obvious fact that the coyotes are nocturnal animals and they usually come at night. Usually they come out at night for the purpose of hunting finding food or for mating as well.

Sighting a coyote during daytime
Many people perceive that sighting a coyote during daytime means that there is something wrong with the animal. However this perception is wrong. It has been proved by the biologists and the animal experts that it is not at all unusual to see a coyote wandering about during day. The perception of the coyotes being rabid or diseased is totally wrong and it should not be thought that the coyotes which are sick or mad come out at day and one should not be offended by them due to this reason. Sometimes it so happens that the coyotes come out at daytime in order to find food. There are some animals which are eaten by the coyotes and they come out only at daytime. Therefore in order to catch these animals, coyotes come out.

Symptoms of sickness of coyotes
Sometimes people who sight the coyotes at daytime get shocked and alarmed as well because in their opinion it is an unnatural behavior. According to their opinion, the coyote which is expressing the behavior of brazenness is showing the alarming signs and symptoms. This does not mean at all that the animal is sick. Basically sometimes the coyotes become so habitual of the humans and their houses that they can even come at daytime in their dwellings in order to find food. This can be treated by applying the psychological therapy and conditioning. The coyotes are treated in such a way that they become wary of the humans and in this way they specifically start avoiding their visits during day and even sometimes at night.

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