Are Coyote Dangerous to Cats, Dogs or other Pets?

Throughout North America and other parts of the world, Coyotes are now popular wildlife species moving around the places like domestic animals. This popular wildlife can pose serious threat to homes, properties and even pets. Though some huge dogs are trained to scare away coyotes, it is not effective at all times. In fact, coyote can harm your lovely pet either dogs or cats when they are in large number. Scaring away coyote with dog is only effective when it is only one or two coyotes that come around your home or property. For this reason, you must try as much as possible to keep your dogs or cats safe from coyote infestation in your home.

Keep Your Pets Inside Mostly At Night to Avoid Clash with Coyotes

Even if you have well trained hunting dog that is bigger than coyotes you should plan to protect the dog from large population of coyotes. This is because, coyotes are very intelligent and always attack victim like dog in large number. That is why you should try as much as possible to keep your dog inside mostly at night while coyotes are out foraging. This is to save your dog from having clash with the wild animals which can result to serious injuries.

Never You Allow Your Dog Get into Backyard Unattended

Dogs naturally like to chase after strange animal that find around them. Your dog can easily perceive coyote at the backyard and will like to hunt it. So, you should not allow your dog to walk around your backyard alone. Just ensure your dog or cat only get to backyard when you are there.

Make Sure You Keep Your Eye Close To Your Dog or Cat When Off-Leash

It is not advisable to keep your dog or cat off-leash without keen monitoring against threat from wild animal. Your dog may be strong enough to fight coyote but can easily sustain injury or even be infected with disease like rabies through fighting with rabid coyote. So, the best thing to do is to protect your do and always keep your eye on it when off-leash.

Make Sure You Report to Local Authority When Your Dog or Cat Get Injured or Killed By Coyotes

In any case when your dog happens to fight against coyotes and sustain injury, you should report the case to local authority and consult your veterinary doctor right away. This is to avoid exposing yourself and other people around as well as other pets to rabies and other wild animal diseases.

Are Coyote Dangerous to Cats, Dogs or other Pets?

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