Coyote Repellents

Coyotes can become a real nuisance to people. Most especially if you have pets, domestic animals and if you are in the habit of feeding animals and birds outside your home you can easily attract the coyotes. Coyotes have the tendency of eating almost anything hence you leave outside can be food for them. The repellents can help you get rid of the coyotes without having to come into contact with them. If you pose a threat to the coyotes they can easily cause harm to you. So if you can manage to chase away the coyote without any problems of having injuries it is advisable to go it the easy way.

The repellents that are used to chase away the coyotes are very strong and irritating. Some repellents used to lure away the coyotes nuisance are:

Predators urine
Well as you may be asking yourself why predators urine? In the wild the animals mark their territories with their urine. You can imagine if you had the slightest hint that a lion could be following you, the next thing you will do is go as far away as possible so that you don’t become a meal. That is how predators urine works. Since the coyote is the prey, using the urine of animals that are predators urine will make the coyote feel threatened and will run away to save its skin. Examples of predators urine are;-wolf urine, mt.lion urine, fox urine, and bobcat urine.
Homemade repellents
There are times when you don’t have access to predators urine or it is too expensive for you or you just noticed the coyote and you need to act before it is too late. For homemade repellents you have to ensure that smell is strong enough to drive the coyote away. Unlike the predators’ urine where it runs for its life, the homemade repellent irritates the coyote and can’t stand the smell. Here are some homemade repellents and there recipes:

o Lora’s recipe- you mix distilled vinegar and Tabasco.
o Magic formula- use 8 oz. of castor oil, 8oz of liquid dishwashing soap and a gallon of water. First mix the oil with soap till well mixed then add water.

With all the repellents you can spray them along your fence to ensure that the coyote does not get into your compound. And ensure that you spray outside your fence to make sure that the coyote does not have space for digging under the fence.

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